Leucis Adronis

Tiefling Bard / Warlock


Leucis Adronis: Bard 3 / Warlock 2

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Leucis looks like a well-traveled and stocky Tiefling. He carries himself with a good deal of passion and enthusiasm. His lyre is never far from hand, strapped to his back and ready to strike up a tune at a moment’s notice. When otherwise unoccupied he often hums to himself or keeps his hands busy by drumming against objects or surfaces.

He has two large horns that curl around each side of his head and under his pointed ears. His complexion is a reddish mauve color and he has strikingly handsome features. He has a sharp, pointed, mid-length goatee. Leucis’ eyes are completely black and look like two pools of pure liquid void. Also quite notable is his tail, which is forked and has two separate endings. They are often as animated as his arms and hands while he’s performing.

Leucis wears a leather tunic as armor and common clothes which have seen a lot of wear and tear over the years. Both are covered in patches, some decorative but most are functional to keep the garments together. The remaining have embroidered symbols and illustrations sewn by Leucis to mark important events, gathering places, and partnerships from his hometown of Waterdeep.

At his belt lies his Mother’s rapier, “Razor” and concealed in his right sleeve is a small but powerful crossbow. He keeps a deck of playing cards and is always ready for a game or two, moreso if the players care to make it interesting with some coin…


Leucis comes from a once royal lineage which can trace its family line back to the lost civilization of Bael Turath, where Tieflings were first transmuted into the world through a pact with the Devil King, Asmodeus. Now Bael Turath lies in ruins, but the dark blood coursing through Leucis’ veins still holds true to that infernal contract.

Leucis was born in Daggerford to his mother, Azeal, and his father, Ervebin, who ran a local clock shop. Though most townsfolk carried prejudices towards Tieflings and looked down upon their family, Leucis’ early childhood was pleasant and happy.

Ervebin was a disciplined but reasonable Tiefling and always resented the oppression his race faced from society. He spent most of his time constructing and maintaining pocket watches, but in his free time practiced a small amount of illusionary magic. He would delight young Leucis by shooting fire out of his nose, or by creating spectacles of light and shadow in the young boy’s room before bedtime.

Azeal had been an adventurer herself in her youth and had collected a fair bit of coin to keep the family comfortable. She spent most of her time raising Leucis and teaching him at an early age the power of words and song. She had a golden voice and taught him many songs passed down from generation to generation back to Bael Turath. In addition to this education, she also taught him to defend himself through the practice of sword-dancing with her trusted rapier, nicknamed by Leucis as “Razor”.

Unfortunately, those skills would be put to the test when Leucis was 9 years old and Daggerford and neighboring towns were ravaged by a pox upon the crops in the area. It was high harvest season and entire farms were decimated by the plague of an unknown source. Restless, ignorant, and fearful, the townspeople of Daggerford were whipped into a frenzy by a local xenophobic Cult of Bane. The cultists convinced the crowd that the local Tieflings had been responsible for the tragedy befalling the city and soon an angry mob came to Ervebin’s shop and burnt it to the ground. They captured Ervebin but Azeal and Leucis were able to escape, at least, temporarily. Family friends came to their aid and attempted to smuggle the mother and son out of the town but they were thwarted by a betrayal from one former compatriot.

Their wagon was ransacked and they were uncovered but Azeal immediately lept forward into the fight and pushed Leucis towards the alleyways. Surrounded by 6 guards she fought bravely and well, managing to take out 4 of the brutes, but was overcome and slain before the young Tiefling’s eyes. Screaming in an incoherent rage, Leucis took his mother’s sword and put it to use against the foes. He fought recklessly but with enough grace to dispatch the first guard quickly, causing the second to turn and run to gather reinforcements. Leucis took the opportunity to say goodbye to his mother, who was still barely clinging to life. She pressed a small ring into the boy’s fingers, explaining that it belonged to Ervebin and that it would be very important one day. The ring was a simple metallic band with a large sigil that Leucis found familiar but unsure why. Azeal’s last words were, “Find her.”

Solemnly standing up, still in shock, he heard shouting and the rattle of armor coming from down the road. He took one last look at his mother and then ran as fast as he could for as far as he could out the gates and into the wilderness. He kept off the main roads as much as possible and late in the evening approached a series of small farmhouses. As he got closer, he spotted a meat pie cooling on a window sill and his stomach began to growl loudly. But just as he was about to sneak up and make off with it, another figure snuck out of the bushes and pilfered it. Outraged, Leucis followed the small thief out to the fields and into the woods, eventually confronting the roustabout in a small clearing. Just then the clouds parted and moonlight revealed the thief to be a young Halfling girl who looked to be a few years older than himself.

“Oi! What’s a little freak like you doin followin me like that? I heard your soddin’ crunchy footsteps a mile ago, you’re not very subtle mate.”

Flustered, Leucis retorted, “Well you’re not a very good thief if someone like me can catch you this easily. You should be ashamed of yourself, that was a family’s dinner you just took and with the pox each meal is more important than ever.”

The thief began laughing, saying, “Ohhhh god, I needed that. I like you Horn-boy. The pox? Now jus who do you think started that wee bit-a trouble? Answer? The Ascendant Church of Bane the Master, a rather nasty little cult of which Mr. Meat Pie is an avid member. You gotta learn your targets and marks before ya start liftin. I guess you wouldn’t know anything about that, it’s not like I didn’t see you eyeing the pie for yourself back there. Here, have a bit if you want it.” She tossed the bundle to Leucis and crossed her arms.

Leucis muttered a “Thank you” and began stuffing his face. Laughing again, the Halfling said, “Oi, save some for me you cheeky bugger. Oh mate, you need help.”

And so this is how Leucis met Kyros. They quickly became life-long friends and the Halfling took him under her wing in the ways of a vagabond. They traveled North and eventually made their way to Waterdeep, where Kyros called home. Leucis rapidly learned how to survive and thrive on the street, using his natural charisma and musical abilities to busk for enough coin to buy a meal or an occasional room for the night. As he grew older he eventually became a fixture of the city arts and music scene with a small but loyal following. As he developed and advanced, he took on issues of imbalance, greed, and injustice in the city through his music.

Although cocky and self-assured to most, he still holds onto the pain of the loss he suffered and the fact that he doesn’t know whether his father survived. At night, sleep doesn’t come easily and when he does get rest his dreams often turn to nightmares of devils and imps he’s unable to escape from.

A well-worn and respected individual, he thought he’d seen everything until the events that lead to his joining the party…

Leucis Adronis

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